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Sacramento Bee

Sacramento bonsai clubs host national convention
Sacramento Bee
Renowned for its full-sized urban forest, Sacramento also has long held a reputation among bonsai fans as the “city of little trees.” Founded in 1946, the Sacramento Bonsai Club ranks as the oldest in the nation. Four bonsai clubs, each with its own ...

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Sacramento Bee

Kathleen O'Donnell's bonsai
Sacramento Bee
A bougainvillea bonsai blooms at the home of Kathleen O'Donnell in Sacramento. Sacramento will host the nation's largest celebration of little trees, and O'Donnell will be participating in the big show. She has a marvelous collection of little trees ...

WGAL Lancaster

Ancient craft of bonsai practiced around Susquehanna Valley
WGAL Lancaster
Roxanne Kamin, bonsai artist and club officer at Susquehanna Bonsai, says her designs are rooted in the natural habitat of the trees. "Visualize how it actually looks in nature," said Kamin. "They sort of have their own idiosyncrasies - certain trees ...

Day of Bonsai to be at Smith-Gilbert Gardens
Marietta Daily Journal
The event will begin with a short presentation recognizing founder Robert Gilbert, DDS, and his personal bonsai collection which is now housed at the Gardens. Following the presentation, there will be an all-day demonstration by renowned bonsai expert ...

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'Bonsai, Illusion vs. Reality' presentation at Long Hill Garden Club meeting
Trumbull Times
Hansen's presentation “Bonsai, Illusion vs. Reality,” will prove that Bonsai is not difficult. His philosophy is that if you can grow a houseplant, you can grow Bonsai. You just need more information. From design to horticulture, he will demystify ...

Mother Lode Bonsai Club meeting delayed to Nov. 8
Stockton Record
SAN ANDREAS — The Mother Lode Bonsai Club will delay its November meeting to allow club members to attend the Golden State Bonsai Federation convention in Sacramento. The meeting, usually the first Saturday of the month, will be held at 10 a.m. Nov.

The Oregonian -

Bonsai: Downsized horticulture, upscale design: Show us your bonsai!
The Oregonian -
The ancient art of bonsai attracts a new generation story by Kym Pokorny: Hundreds of years of history live in Scott Elser's backyard, where bonsai specimens line up to tell a tale of the ancient practice of turning trees into miniature pieces of nature.

An Introduction to Bonsai
John is a public school teacher and bonsai artist with over 20 years experience collecting, growing, and training bonsai. He is a past president of the Great Swamp Bonsai Society and a frequent instructor to beginners. He will bring a variety of bonsai ...

Reiman Gardens hosts Bonsai Tree show
Iowa State Daily
Almost all of the bonsai in the show were accompanied by “companion material,” which consists of either a viewing stone, a small sculpture or a miniature plant. Each bonsai was separate from each other, with a white, crinkled backdrop to allow the ...

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Oakland: Lake Merritt's bonsai curator defied odds to become a 'master'
Contra Costa Times
She's also the first non-Japanese citizen to be given the title of "Bonsai Master" by the Nippon Bonsai Association in Japan, which required a five-year internship in Japan. Shaner embarked on that journey more than a quarter-century ago, not knowing a ...

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