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Bonsai and bouquet photographed in the stratosphere
There, from the same site where the famous Burning Man Festival takes place each year, he carefully loaded a 50-year-old bonsai pine tree and a bouquet of 30 different kinds of flowers into two cages attached to weather balloons. As the sun began to ...

Artist Launches Bonsai Trees And Other Lovely Plant Arrangements Into Space
Huffington Post
We've heard that outer space is, visually speaking, a pretty majestic experience. Yet although the galaxy beyond is undoubtedly filled with stars and misty clouds for days, there aren't any decorative touches around to spruce up the space. Enter Tokyo ...
Link About It: This Week's PicksCool Hunting

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Daily Beast

Why is this 50-year-old bonsai tree suspended in space?
Washington Post
“I always wanted to travel to space … this is a dream come true,” Japanese artist Azuma Makoto told the New York Times's T magazine. On Tuesday, Azuma and a 10-person crew launched two botanical objects into the upper atmosphere for his new ...
A Bonsai Tree Goes to Space…for ArtDaily Beast
Artist Launches Bonsai Tree into Spaceartnet News
Tokyo artist transforms bonsai trees into 'exobiotanica' by launching them ...Raw Story
Daily Mail -Chinatopix -ScienceAlert
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Balloon Garden: Japanese Artist Flies Bonsai Tree And Plants High Above Earth
Universe Today
... it mean to send plants from Earth beyond, well, the Earth? According to multiple media reports, a Japanese artist recently explored these questions by launching a bonsai tree and other plant arrangements high into the atmosphere via high-altitude ... (blog)

What A Bonsai Tree Looks Like Suspended In Space
On Tuesday, a bonsai tree boldly went where no bonsai tree has gone before. Azuma Makoto, a 38-year-old artist based in Tokyo, launched two botanical arrangements into space: “Shiki 1,” a Japanese white pine bonsai tree suspended from a metal frame, ...
A Japanese Artist Launches Plants Into SpaceNew York Times (blog)
Started From the Stratosphere Now We're Here: Bonsai in (blog)

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The Big Picture: Exobiotanica, a bonsai tree in space
This is "Exobiotanica Botanical Space Flight," the latest project from Japanese artist Makoto Azuma. In tandem with JP Aerospace, self-described as " America's Other Space Program," Azuma set out to create beautiful imagery by sending a bonsai tree and ...

Inhabitat's Week in Green: bonsai in space, rising sea levels and the blood of ...
Japanese artist Azuma Makoto also captured our imagination this week by sending a bonsai tree into space and snapping some gorgeous photos as it orbited the Earth. The time when space exploration was limited to a pair of superpowers -- the USA and the ...

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A Bonsai Garden Grows in Whitefish
Flathead Beacon
The scent of figs, water jasmine and kumquats delights the senses, and the extra light provided by overhead lamps gives a comforting sense of equatorial sunshine. Jerry Meislik's greenhouse is dedicated solely to bonsai trees, which he has been ...


Artist Sends a Bouquet and a Bonsai to Space
The New York Times' T Magazine has an exclusive story on Japanese artist Azuma Makoto's project Exobiotanica, a project that saw two carefully-crafted plant arrangements (or in the case of the bonsai, a carefully-crafted plant) ascend to the edge of space.
azuma makoto sends 50 year old bonzai tree into space for exobiotanica projectDesignboom
This Artist Launched Plants Into the StratosphereVisual News

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Bonsai is focus of Warrenbrook Senior Center program
Independent Press
WARREN — On Monday, July 7, the Warrenbrook Senior Center had an Art of Bonsai program, presented by John Michalski, a bonsai collector and nurseryman. He has been a bonsai artist for more than 20 years, and is a past president and current member ...

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